Why Choose Cleaning Doctor?

Cleaning Doctor has one of the best training and equipment packages available in the industry. Together with our comprehensive training program, exclusive marketing systems, energetic launch programme, and on-going support, means that Cleaning Doctor franchisees are fully operational professionals right from the start of their businesses. Cleaning Doctor provides a comprehensive business format franchise package containing all of the ingredients necessary for the successful launch, continual growth and ongoing support of the business from week one.

What skills Cleaning Doctor gives you

Cleaning Doctor franchisees will :
  • Learn professional skills.
  • Learn tried and proven marketing systems.
  • Learn the techniques in weeks that others in our industry take years to master.

The choice is yours: go it alone and struggle, or experience the clear direction and support that is available to every franchisee in the Cleaning Doctor Network!


4 Boho Road
BT74 8DF

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