Six Steps To Becoming
A Franchisee

Don’t delay, do it today! Take these SIX steps RIGHT NOW to your own successful and profitable business!

Six Steps To Becoming A Franchisee

Don’t delay, do it today! Take these SIX steps RIGHT NOW to your own successful and profitable business!

First of all, go to the contact page and complete the Franchise Enquiry Form.

If urgent, please call us on 028 6634 1228.

On receipt of your online enquiry, you will receive a reply email from our franchise recruitment manager. The email will contain further information and an invitation to speak to us by telephone.

Our franchise recruitment manager will phone you and discuss whether a Cleaning Doctor franchise might be suitable for you and your circumstances. They will also answer any particular questions that you might have at this stage.

If you are happy to proceed we will arrange an initial face-to-face meeting between you and a representative of Cleaning Doctor Ltd.

After further discussions, and assuming that you are still excited about a franchise, you will be invited to a discovery day with Cleaning Doctor.

Cleaning Doctor discovery days are normally held at Head Office.  It’s quite a life-changing experience going into business, so we always if possible suggest that your husband/wife/partner or even your best friend explores the opportunity with you. This makes it a more enjoyable experience when everyone gets to experience those vibes of passion and commitment.

It’s important that you see every nut and bolt of how A) You will operate and B) How we will support you.  Every angle of the business building is shown that will assist you, it’s not all about the money, it’s our job at head office to get your phone ringing from day 1.

You will be shown the insider secrets of our business and how we operate. However, we can’t show you everything; we are very protective of our dynamic marketing strategies. Of course, you will be shown everything once you commence training.

Important Note: We are extremely confident about our operation. If you are not impressed by what you see on a Cleaning Doctor discovery day we will refund the cost of your travel – GUARANTEED!

After your discovery day you will be invited to go home and carefully consider everything that you have been briefed on.

You will be invited to talk to our franchisees, and also to your family and any professional advisers.

If you are still excited about becoming a franchisee, you will be invited to submit a confidential information form to Head Office.

You will also be required to pay a small refundable deposit to secure your franchise option in your local territory.

On receipt of your confidential information form our franchisee selection process commences. During selection we will contact your referees and follow up on any references that you have supplied.

If everything is in order we will visit you in your territory and the franchise agreement will be signed.

Full payment of the initial franchise fee (less the deposit already paid) is required at this stage.

You will now embark upon our comprehensive two or three week Cleaning Doctor training program where you will receive one to one tuition in sales & marketing and how to run your own business.

You will be also be trained in the use of our top quality equipment and business procedures which includes marketing.  If you’re not particularly IT savvy, don’t worry about that, we have a dedicated team at your beck and call.

After successful completion your initial training course, your launch programme will be initiated. Your life-changing experience has just started.

You can now start enjoying the fruits of our knowledge and of your labours. Money starts to flows into your bank account.

Let’s make it all happen for you NOW.

All your initial enquiries will be completely free of charge; you won’t have to pay anything until your refundable deposit at step 4.


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