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Business Is Booming… In 3 Years I’ve built a multi-vehicle operation…

I’m the youngest Cleaning Doctor owner, so I suppose I had to prove to my more mature franchise colleagues that I could deliver.  After research I found that no other brand came anywhere near close to Cleaning Doctor.  The van is jam-packed with state-of-the-art equipment and the marketing, well to be honest, if I wanted to work 7 days a week I could.

I was that impressed with my carpet and upholstery option, I just recently added another tile cleaning range of services to my company.

Does The Process work? You bet, just embrace and follow the business road map that you receive from who I now know is the ‘king of clean’… You’ll build a monster working with William Little and his experienced support team.

Cleaning Doctor Alastair Elliot, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Edinburgh

Alastair Elliott
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services

The Potential Is Massive, I’m Always Fully Booked…

I was quite taken aback.  As soon as I finished training my phone was ringing. Indeed, I’m pleased to report that I’ve been busy all months of the year which has resulted in that I am now booked at least 5 – 6 weeks in advance.

Operating at the top end of my market sector, I confirm that the potential is massive as there are acres and acres of hard floor surfaces that require deep restorative cleaning which is well within the remit of my Cleaning Doctor business. The package is unbelievably comprehensive and armed with technical know-how, I’m the brand of choice for local home and business owners.  I’ve also found that there’s hardly anyone delivering this service, at our professional level.

Thanks to the team at Cleaning Doctor.

Cleaning Doctor Jonni McDaid, Floor Sanding and Tile Cleaning

Jonni McDaid
Floor Restoration, Cleaning & Maintenance Services 

From the day I opened the business, I’ve never been without work…

I had emigrated to Australia, but always dreamed of moving back home. After exploring Cleaning Doctor, I was very excited and immediately made the move after investing in Cleaning Doctor External Cleaning Services in Limerick.  

Today, I operate 2 vans and I’m booked 6-8 week in advance.  To be honest my heart jumps when the phone rings, thinking where am I going to fit this person in.  Today my wife runs the office from home and I’m out supporting my team.

It’s brilliant, the results we get are so rewarding and people are so appreciative of a job well done.  

Thanks Cleaning Doctor.

Daragh Clancy, Cleaning Doctor External and Outdoor Cleaning Limerick

Daragh Clancy
External Cleaning Services

For us, Cleaning Doctor ticked all the boxes…

My sister Sue and I wanted something that we’d enjoy doing, plus it had to fit our budget, Cleaning Doctor did all that. They knew everything. We met our local carpet & upholstery franchise partners and during our initial meetings, we could clearly see that there was a detailed action plan that could be activated the minute we were trained.

The response has been fantastic. In a short space of time, we have 20% of our available appointments already fully booked with regular weekly clients.

The potential is vast as there is so much work out there, and we know that the Cleaning Doctor franchisor and his Head Office team are helping us every step of the way to really build our business. Cleaning Doctor’s experience is invaluable.

Kath Steyn, Cleaning Doctor Home and Office Cleaning

Kath Steyn
Home Cleaning Services

Every one of the branch owners were where you are right now… Listen to the experience they’ve encountered

At Cleaning Doctor, we value each and every one of our franchisees, helping them grow  their businesses into the dominant cleaning businesses in their local areas.

Dedicated, Supportive and Respectful – Join Our Family!

Cleaning Doctor Network is very much a family of passionate professionals, that have come from all walks of life.  At Cleaning Doctor it’s not about the money. Each person who joins the brand is hand picked and protected franchise territories are awarded to those who tick the boxes of good old common sense.  Every investor must have an abundance of personality, as this is key to our collective success.

Everyone must be committed to embracing the task of following the tried and tested franchise formula.  The harder one works the more one earns.  At Cleaning Doctor we don’t rule with an iron fist, everyone is treated with decency and respect, and navigated through the proven business model.  Today we operate with 50+ branches and the brand is steadily growing.

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